Southwest Wilderness Getaway

Over the holiday season, when everyone goes camping on the Tasmanian coastline, Paul and I decided to make a trip out to the Edgar campsite in the Southwest National Park to avoid the crowds.

Edgar Dam? Where is that you may be asking. Well if you know where Lake Pedder is then you are well on your way to discovering a new place in Tasmania. All you need to do is look up Google maps, pan in on the southern end of Lake Pedder and there you will find Edgar Pond. Edgar Dam divides this pond from Lake Pedder.

Southwest Wilderness

Red Knoll Lookout panarama

If you decide to make a trip out to Edgar Dam be prepared for about 30km of dirt road driving. To make the trip worthwhile there are two campsites options not far from each other. We drove through the Huon campsite and it was well sheltered amongst trees. There were some nice sites that you could tuck away in and is in a good location if you plan to access the Port Davey walking track. However, we like a more open site for camping so we returned back to Edgar. Edgar is flat, grassy and offers some lovely views. If you like an evening or morning stroll a walk along the shore of Lake Pedder was only a short distance away. If you have a tent or an awning on your camper be warned the ground is quite rocky about three inches down, so expect a struggle getting your pegs in. Firewood was available, bins for all your rubbish needs and the pit toilets were clean with toilet paper supplied.

Once there I also suggest that you follow the road right to the end where you will find the Red Knoll Lookout. The views are spectacular! Paul and I managed to spend two hours at the lookout taking photos, checking out the flora and watching the weather front roll in.

Anyone who has been to the Southwest Wilderness area will tell you that is is a spectacular place to visit. I hope to visit it many more times in the future and create many more Southwest Wilderness memorable moments.

I think Tassie is such a beautiful state that should you ever be visiting and would like some suggestions or tips on places to visit feel free to contact me at