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About Me

In 2003 I was living in Newcastle halfway through my Fine Arts Degree and won the second prize of $1,000 for my entry in the Gosford Art Prize.

My mother had travelled all around Australia in a Toyota Coaster during the 1990s, however, she never made the trip across the Bass Straight to Tasmania. So I decided to use my prize money to hire a car and do a ten-day tour around Tasmania with my mum over the Christmas New Year period of 2003-2004.

I was so struck by the beauty and the cooler weather that I went home deciding that I wanted to move to this beautiful Island. By the middle of April 2004, yes only four and a half months later, everything was packed into a shipping container ready for the big move.  From day one I have loved living in Tasmania.

AMJ Products

All my products are inspired by Tasmania.

Using the photos I have taken on my travels around Tasmania I have created a selection of cards.

The design on the tote bag was developed from my favourite photo taken on my walk on the Tasmanian Trail.

AMJ Photography

My interest in taking photos is what inspired me to start a Diploma of Fine Arts back in 2001. This lead me into a Degree of Fine Arts which I completed through UTAS in 2007.

Up until this point I have not owned an SLR camera and have chosen to take my photos with my iPhone. Despite the limitations of this choice, I love the fact that I can carry my camera in my pocket everywhere I go.

AMJ Videos

Showcasing places to visit by video.

I have a dream to create short videos that promote small towns and tourism businesses.

However, not just yet!

I am just waiting for the timing to be right.

Exploring Tasmania

At the completion of my Fine Arts Degree in 2007, I decided to reward myself by doing a 10 day trip in my camper van. This time I focused on the North East of the island. This was the beginning of many more trips around Tasmania. 

At the end of 2013, I found myself out of work, so I decided to see Tasmania at a slower pace. In March 2014 I walked the Tasmanian Trail from Devonport to Dover. You can read about my experience if you want to know how I went. I have to say this was one of the most memorable experiences of my life.

Driving down roads I have not driven before has become my passion. The map of Tasmania I have on my office wall has all the roads I have travelled highlighted in pink, but I still have more roads to discover.