This week I have taken a trip from the little island (Tasmania) to the big island of Australia. In the lead up to this trip realised that I am a perplexing individual, well at least in my mind. I find it strange how I am such a home body who likes her creature comforts and someone who craves adventure in the next moment. I liken it to the duel personalities you read is stories such as Jekyll and Hyde, Bruce Wayne and Batman. I am coming to terms with the fact that when the adventurous impulses arise I need to take notice and find ways to feed the animal within me.

Before I left I struggled with leaving the comforts of home for a whole week in New South Wales. While contemplating this I decided to make the most of my journey. First I would take my mum on a two day road trip, this would give her and myself an adventure to see places we both had not seen for a very long time. This trip was fantastic and I noticed more than I would have in the past. My intense looking made me think about how by making the effort to really look at the environment that I passed through provided me memories. From this I came up with a new motto to live by: ‘Feasting Eyes Feeds Memories’.

While in Sydney I again lived by this motto and took notice of everything that I saw. This looking is a form of mindfulness for me, it helps me to be more aware of what is around me and it makes life more of an adventure for me. I have to say I have enjoyed my trip away far more because of this mindset, I feasted my eyes and I will go home with memories.

What ways can you feast your eyes more to feed your memories?

Take time to notice that which is around you in everyday life. Do not limit this to when you go on holidays, making the effort to notice more of what is around you in your home town/city can add a special value to your life. Noticing things in your familiar environment is more challenging and more rewarding because you will surprise yourself at what you have not noticed before.

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February 10, 2014

Anni May Jensen