I am sitting in a lovely cosy cafe listening to a small group of friends, they look like recent retirees, chatting about children, travel, and walking the dog. The dog of discussion is actually in this cafe being petted while sitting at the feet of one of the ladies. The thing is when I first walked in I didn’t noticed the dog, which is strange as you would think a dog in a cafe would be something that would catch your eye.

On reflection my first thought on entering the room was ‘where can I sit that is quiet so I can write’. I was so focused on what I wanted to achieve that I forgot to be aware of living in the moment and seeing the opportunities of joy that were presented to me by just walking into this room. This experience has reminded me yet again to be present in the moment so I do not miss the chance to connect with others, life and myself.

They and the dog have now taken their leave and my only wish is that I had taken a photo of the dog and group of friends instead of the empty couches to add to this blog. Also, just so you know, the dog was a Seeing Eye dog in training and had every right to be in the cafe…

Remain PresentJam Jar Lounge Battery Point Hobart


October 31, 2013

Anni May Jensen