So what could be worse than you than smoking? Well the truth is it is something we all do every day in varying degrees. Some do it much more than others and the results can be more harmful than smoking.

Can you believe this activity is sitting, yes sitting!

I do a lot of sitting on my butt working on my laptop and in the past worked in administration where I sat constantly. All this sitting on my rear ends has been harmful to my body and health. If you sit a lot and suffer from back pain, headaches or back tension then you understand what I am talking about. The poor posture that we quickly revert to when sitting does us no favours and the actual act of sitting is far worse for us than we realise.

The health risks related to sitting is well researched and documented and where sitting is a large percentage of what we do every day in todays society we should take notice.

The interesting link with a video to watch.

The graphically interesting link with pretty graphs and charts

The boring (or not so boring for some) link with lots of medical information

Our bodies are designed to move and be active. Doing exercise each day is good, but not enough. We need to get up off that chair and move our bodies. I use Time out Free on my mac to get me up and moving for 2 minutes every 20 minutes with a 10 second stretch every 10 minutes. I could view this as an interruption to my work however I choose to see it as a lifesaver for my long-term health. For me allocating break times also allows my brain space, which helps me to think more clearly and creatively.

Time Out Free for Mac’s and Workrave for a PC are great resources for making us conscious of how often we should get up off our behinds and move.

Move, yes I am asking you to move, get up now, yes now, and move for 2 minutes then come back to your computer and repeat the process in 20 minutes. Do it for yourself and your long-term health, you are the only one who can take action to take care of you!


November 19, 2013

Anni May Jensen