After yesterdays revelations I decided I needed to start doing micro adventures as soon as possible. Well at least start with what I have decided to call mini micro adventures (MMA) that I could have just by walking out my front door.

On going to bed last night I resolved that if it was raining in the morning I would go for a walk. This resolution was to help challenge yesterdays fears of being wet and cold in the rain. I awoke at 5am and could hear rain, woo hoo I felt excited to go on my first official MMA. After a cup of tea and a bowl of muesli I slipped on my walking boots and my big red all-weather jacket. Lo and behold the rain stopped! I must say I was quite disappointed, however I remained positive, thinking the rain would start again, and headed out on my adventure.

I have walk this waterfront track before though this time I looked at it from a different perspective. I took notice of the sounds, smells and sights more intently. The croaking frogs were loud in my ears, the intense smell of birds nesting wafted up my nose and the beauty of the surroundings filled my senses. This opening up to the environment gave me a new appreciation of what is available to me within a two-minute walking radius from my home.

I must admit the biggest challenge (not) I faced on this MMA was walking through a large puddle. I am sure each adventure I embark on will bring different challenges that will offer opportunities to learn and grow. Two things I did learn at the end of todays MMA is that you can never predict anything and you should never leave the house without your key. Luckily my partner was running behind schedule and had not left for work yet and my prediction that it would rain again never happened until five minutes after I arrived home, oh the irony.

As the smell of nesting birds continues to linger in my nose, I challenge everyone reading this post to go out of your front door and have your own MMA, but please remember your key!

And if you know the reason smells stay in your nose please let me know. Ta.

Mini Micro Adventure just outside my front door

Outside your front door

November 14, 2013

Anni May Jensen