My mum lived under the stress of verbal abuse spanning 50 years within a marriage that almost drove her insane but she found the strength within herself to come out the other end with a cheerful and open disposition. It surprises me continually how she survived emotionally over those years of living daily with negativity and raising eight children. I write this today because I want her to know what she has taught me by just being who she is. Her influence permeates every part of my life and I am so grateful that she is my mum.

My mum taught me to be:

cheerful because it makes life better for the people around you and it makes you feel better too

resilient because life is not always an easy road to travel and you need to accept the ups and downs that come your way

adaptable because you never know what life can throw your way which could be wonderful opportunities

open to life because you get to experience things that may surprise you and take you in unexpected directions

accepting of others and their choices because this allows you to give love and accept love into your life

curious because it helps you to see the good things you can enjoy in life

she also taught me to:

enjoy every experience to the utmost because once the moment has passed it becomes a memory

laugh loudly when something tickles your fancy because it is, yes, it is the best medicine

photo (2)

Yes… that is my mum with her head thrown back and laughing

My mum continues to inspire me to this day. At 87 she remains cheerful, resilient, adaptable, open, accepting and curious. She still enjoys every moment she can and if you tickle her fancy she will laugh loud and long.

November 6, 2013

Anni May Jensen