When does an unfit, 45 year old woman decide to walk 480km (300mi) across an island? When she is swept up in a moment of unconscious excitement! After this moment of unexpected enthusiasm fear sank in and indecision troubled her mind.

Since hearing about the Tasmanian Trail some 8 years ago I have dreamed of walking it but never took the leap to face my fears and actually commit to doing it.

The Tasmanian Trail

This time I have set my mind to not let my fear and indecision deter me once again. After deliberating for a few weeks a decision to start the walk sooner than later felt like the best thing to do so last weekend I finally committed to start my journey across Tasmania from Devonport to Dover on the 1st of March 2014.

I became excited once again until I thought about sleeping in a tent all on my own in the dark… OMG what have I decided to do! Then my partner told me you will need an EPERB, GPS, iPhone solar charger and a number of other items and my eyes grew wide. Next my friends who have trekked in Nepal said make sure you get clothing that dries quickly, your cotton clothing will not cut it because they take too long to dry. Suddenly this venture was going to a whole new level that I had not anticipated. WHAT… could I not just pack my backpack and walk off into the sunset!

When I was telling a good friend of mine about how this adventure was becoming bigger than I imagined she said, “If you had thought of all this before making the decision you may have talked yourself out of it again”. She is right, if you think of all the consequences when making big decisions it is very easy to feel it’s all be too much to take on. However once you decide, and I mean really decide, to do something that is challenging or life changing then you have to commit and follow through with it, otherwise it will just become a dream once again.

The wheels are in motion now and with you as my witness I state here and now I WILL set out on the 1st of March to achieve my long desired dream. Week one of training has begun.









Sunny one day – 4th Dec        Raining the next – 5th Dec

Have you dreamed of going on an adventure or thought about making a life changing decision? Have you let your fears and indecision stop you from taking that leap and say YES I WILL commit to changing my life circumstances, start that new venture or go on a grand adventure and face whatever challenges come my way, whether real or perceived.

Well if I an unfit, 45 year old woman can walk 430km then you also can do whatever you set you mind too. It just takes courage to make the decision then determination to follow through no mater what the obstacles.

What challenges, new ventures or life changing decisions have you thought about but not followed through with? Do you still dream about doing them? Feel free to share your thoughts, it may help you clarify your ideas.

Maybe you have followed through with a dream, tell us your story about how you achieved this and what challenges did you face?

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December 5, 2013

Anni May Jensen